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Team Victory has collaborated with TOP coaches like Josh Spencer and Hillary Kelly  to devise a PLAN that WORKS so that you can spend less time being frustrated and more time having fun, helping people, and crushing your business!

Please download and print this important checklist to help you ensure that you’ve completed Phase 1 of your New Coach Training!

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Whether you’re the person that wants a hundred dollar business or a million dollar business, following this training and being committed will take you there.  But first here’s a little bit about what it’s gonna take.

“WHAT IT TAKES” – By 15 Star Jenelle Summers

You can ALL do this!! You just have to start MAKING IT HAPPEN for yourself!!! There are no SECRETS.

First of all, you have to start with a MASSIVE FIRE in your gut & belief that you CAN do this, you have to follow the trainings like a BOSS, take notes, and have the COURAGE and DRIVE to **APPLY** what you’ve learned, believe in yourself and believe in others… with INCREDIBLE consistency every SINGLE DAY!

You have to demonstrate IMPECCABLE character and integrity vs sales techniques and scripts. You have to show who YOU are, YOUR style, YOUR unique personality, YOUR empathy for others’ situations, YOUR desire to help them get beyond THEIR excuses, etc. You have to show what YOU have to offer as a person in every post, in every communication, in every decision. You have to show you are working HARD & are truly HURDLING obstacles in your fitness/nutrition and in your that you inspire THEM to do the same.

Give them the gift of a VISION of what’s possible.. give your own story or the story/successes of OTHERS. If you’re not there yet, show them where you are GOING! I’m talking about your inspiration to your customers AND your team (not just your personally sponsored.. but THEIR coaches too). You have to show them that your work pays off so they can see it’s POSSIBLE. No one will follow steps in fitness or in business until the RESULTS are presented to them in a way that is ATTRACTIVE/INSPIRATIONAL in some way to them. Your success in fitness and with your business inspires THEIR success.

You can’t make excuses, you can’t think your situation is more difficult, you can’t think you aren’t good enough, you can’t think your time or money is more valuable than someone else’s.

Success isn’t convenient, it’s not easy, it’s not without some late nights, some BIG disappointments, some $ investment, some hard decisions and self-discipline.  It’s a conscious effort and a driving force that is bigger than the obstacles and mistakes made….But its WORTH IT, because YOU have DREAMS!  YOU have BIG things that you KNOW you want to achieve!  YOU have EVERY REASON TO DO IT!!!



Yes!  Are you FIRED UP?  Ready to CRUSH IT?  Then DIG IN!  There are just a few simple things for you to DO and KNOW.  Complete them quickly, then move on to your FAST TRACK training and bust THAT out.  When you finish Fast Track, you’ll be ready to get on the phone with your sponsor and then we’ll KNOW that YOU are COMMITTED!  Alright-Let’s go!

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