Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan and Family

Actively playful and athletic as a child, embracing family, fun, friends, I’ve always been wired to love life! I’ve played many sports, both team and individual, and always felt fortunate to have the ability to do many things well. My mother is a musician and piano teacher so we all grew up musically inclined. Playing drums was my thing though. Being the youngest of six kids, I had to be versatile to get to hang out with the older kids. Being 10-16 years younger, that was important! My dad is freaking Iron man! He’s a tough ass old Marine who fought in two wars, worked outdoors his whole life and very intelligent. His outlook on life is amazing to me. He’s been battling cancer for many years off and on. In spite of active cancer treatments, frequent scans, etc, he still rides his bike 100-150 miles a week, walks the dog 5 times a day and eats clean food. He looks at cancer treatments like any other part of life, that it’s just another process to go through. My point is that he has never stopped living his life regardless of what’s been through at him. Engraining the Marine’s philosophy of “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome” into us kids, I feel like I will get through anything! I skated for Rollerblade out of high school, doing stunt shows and commercials all over, and started college a year later.

College age was where I experienced injuries and a lack of understanding how, why, what to do, etc. The classic response from docs was to stop doing what I was doing….but I loved what I was doing. Riding bikes was a part of my life, as it was to seek the thrills out of all sorts of sports. Nothing really changed much until I got older and the old style eating habits mattered more. So I got into the gym for the first time in my life, got back in good shape, but being competitive in nature, I pushed myself and got hurt in the gym doing heavy squats. This ended up as a year of surgeries. I meet my now wife Kelley, started a new real estate business, we got married, had children, so many new things were the forefront of my life. Fitness was not one of them. Thinking I was an athlete who could eat whatever I wanted was just a little short sighted to say the least. It’s like watching a tree grow though. I didn’t realize I was gaining weight slowly. Basically, it was denial. Not sure how else to frame it honestly. Eventually, Kelley really wanted a gym membership again but I really didn’t want to go back to the gym as I got hurt there and suffered much consequence as a result. I held off for a while, but as much as she wanted to go, I stopped by the neighborhood gym and bought a two year membership with daycare so she had what she needed. At this time, the real estate market and financial markets were imploding. My specialty was land development and all those deals were tied to financing typically from hedge funds. The money was gone, the buyers, were gone, the sellers scrambling, it was a strange place to be after successful years in the market. Our residential division was in shock as I just acquired a Sotheby’s franchise for central California. As much as 2008 was a horrific year business wise, it was this amazing journey in health, fitness, as a person, a father, and a husband. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been in a place where you don’t know what you’re going to do or how you’re going to provide, but that’s not a fun place to be in. So the downsize commenced. In this time, we found P90X on TV like so many had and for some reason, felt a connection to it. I’d never bought anything on tv in my life nor had Kelley. she made a commitment to do these workouts with me if I followed the food part with her. Reluctantly, we both agreed.

So 2008 turned out to be this amazing time for so many reasons. Nearly 8″ came off my waist, I stopped snoring, dropped 44 pounds, but more than anything found this amazing energy and feeling of youth that had been gone for longer than I could remember. All this in just 90 days! Kelley was small to start but not toned so she had an amazing transformation not in total pounds, although she dropped 20 and that was impressive to me, but she got super fit and strong and confident! No she wanted to go to the beach and sport the bikini. That was a perspective check in what matters in life. If you don’t have your health, what do you have? When we found out that there was an opportunity to be rewarded/compensated, it was a no brainer. We were already telling everyone what we were doing anyway. Having made such a transformation, people asked frequently and it felt so good to help them find what we had, because it simply works. No magic stuff here, just the right combination of things from specific muscle confusion which eliminates plateaus, and the best nutritional plan I’d ever seen. We just followed the program and got the results. The new era for our professional lives was born out of this. It was and is my mission to help as many people as possible get fit and healthy both physically and financially as we have. Team BeachBody saved us in so many ways. We went from bankrupt to financially free. Since losing everything we owned, we have gained so much. The health aspects obviously, but an ability to share that with others, and priceless to me is all the time this business affords me with my family. Since joining Team BeachBody, I’ve spent over 2000 hours volunteering in my kids schools, coaching their sports, etc. The chapter of financial and physical trauma is a thing of the past. Today, we teach others how to use the tools to help others as well. The net result of all this is a whole lot of people getting fit & healthy both physically and financially! That’s a smart decision!

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